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Achieving a balance in health requires addressing all imbalances from all aspects. Massage therapy is one of the best complementary therapies to receive before or after an adjustment and exercise session.

Infinite Vitality's full time massage therapist offers a variety of treatments used to help you restore balance.

One of the most widely used massage techniques. Gentle to moderate pressure is applied with relaxing long broad sweeping strokes to help increase circulation and decrease superficial adhesions.

This technique is used to target the deeper fascia and muscles. Similar strokes to Swedish massage are used however the pressure is much greater and the strokes are performed at a slower rate.

Heated stones are placed on the body to help patients with chronic or long lasting pain. This technique is also very effective in helping patients who guard emotionally and physically let go. The warmth of the stones will soften your muscles and aid in the process of reestablishing balance.

This technique uses suction to lift superficial tissue away from deep tissue, which creates space allowing for increased blood flow, decreased spasm and reduced inflammation. The intensity of suction can be easily adjusted to patient comfort.

This technique is very effective in decreasing muscular spasm. The technique requires deep isolated pressure over a knot until it melts away.

A very good option to do in conjunction with any of the above listed treatments. Paraffin waxes are great for treating arthritis, muscular spasms and a variety of joint conditions. This treatment is also great to soften hardening skin.

This is a technique where a muscle is first placed in a stretched position, then contracted against minimal force followed by an additional slow but immediate stretch.