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The physicians at Infinite Vitality combine all of these non-invasive treatments in conjunction with others to treat discomfort and inflammation with a swiftness that far exceeds the bodies normal abilities.

Spinal Decompression Therapy: It is a treatment that utilizes traction force in order to gently decompress an injured disc. The patient lies on a decompression table while a special computer applies gradual levels of distraction to gently decompress the spine, allowing the disc to reform to their proper shape.

Class IV Laser Therapy: Offers expedited healing and pain relief through a process known as photobiostimulation. Prompted by a does of deep penetrating photonic energy, your body produces increased amounts of ATP (Adenosinie Tri-Phosphate), the substance responsible for cellular energy production. The increased level of ATP lead to improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and ultimately, a rate of healing that is three to five times faster than normal.

Cold Laser Therapy: Has the biological effects of faster wound healing, reduced fibrosis tissue formation, anti-inflammatory, and increased vascular activity. It is particularly beneficial for extremity inflammations (tendonitis, etc.).

Ultrasound: Is high frequency sound waves administered in the area of soft tissue injuries. It stimulates healing, improves blood flow, reduces nerve root irritation, and enhances the body's natural heeling ability.

Dry Hydrotherapy (Hydro massage): With the combination of flotation, heat and massage produces similar therapeutic effects of whirlpool therapy.

Intersegmental Traction: Creates mobility, increases blood circulation, stimulates specific nerve centers, reduces fixation of spinal segments, relieves muscle contractures and tense ligaments.